Color Vanessa and Zac
Check out this fabulous photo with teen celebrities Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron! Can you guess what movie is it depicted from, girls? High School Musical is not the same without the two movie stars. The picture needs a touch of color to look more cheerful and convey its good mood to all of us. Color Vanessa and Zac's clothes, shoes, accessories, hair and skin complexion. Use the various hues and shades to make them look beautiful and fashionable. Vanessa wears a pretty chic dress, high heeled sandals and curly hairstyle. Zac Efron wears a casual top, a smart casual suit jacket, trousers and flip-flops. They are about to show you a dance move from their film and they must look presentable. Color the dancers behind them and the background as well, turning it into a funky disco scene. Have fun playing this awesome celebrity coloring game!