Cleo de Nile Fear Squad

Girls, the great Cleo de Nile wants to be a cheerleader this year. This Monster High beauty wants to be famous and fabulous in front of the whole school and you can help her in the game called Cleo de Nile Fear Squad! The makeover should include a great facial beauty routine, a fun makeup prep and a great dress up step to finish off the overall look. Start by prepping her skin and cleaning it with a scrub and mask. Rinse after each application and dry the hair with care. In Cleo de Nile Fear Squad you can also add moisturize and cucumber slices on the eyes to relax the girl. The Monster High fav girl can now choose a few shades of makeup such as purple, a red lip color and a great blush for the cheeks. Choose a great cheerleader outfit with fun red colors, cute high heels shoes a wonderful necklace. Have fun playing the Cleo de Nile Fear Squad game!