Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts
Clawdeen Wolf has made it a habit to get a new haircut every two months. This way her hair is always in trend with the latest Monster High fashion. Another advantage is the aesthetic and shiny look, with no damaged split ends. Today is your lucky day, girls! It is time for Clawdeen Wolf to get a new haircut and you will be her hairdresser this time. If you know which are the newest trends in haircuts and hair colors, it will be piece of cake to impress the Monster High doll. If not, you still have time to update yourselves on this subject matter. Prepare her hair for cutting, washing and drying it. For a smoother and glowing effect, use conditioner, styling mask and illuminating serum. Use the styling tools necessary to create a fancy Monster High hairstyle. How about a new red, blue or purple shade of color? Accessorize Clawdeen's hairdo with a girly cute hat, pin or headband. Enjoy playing our brand new hairstyle game!