Clawdeen Wolf Foot Doctor
Clawdeen Wolf has planned a wonderful afternoon with her Monster High bffs. They go to the nail salon to get their manicure and pedicure done. This is the perfect chance for the ghoul girls to talk about the latest gossip and fashion trends. Clawdeen is in a hurry to meet the rest of the Monster High divas. The only problem is that she has to pay a visit to the doctor before going to the spa salon. She injured her foot on the way to meet her bffs and she needs the doctor's attention. An x ray shows a broken toe bone which must be fixed and bandaged. Clean up Clawdeen Wolf's foot injuries and take care of that broken nail. Sterilize the area to prevent infections and apply a healing cream. Now the Monster high werecat is finally ready to get her manicure and pedicure done. Cut her nails, file them and decorate them with fancy chic nail polish colors and designs. Enjoy playing our brand new nails game!