Cinderella's Cocoa Nails
Princess Cinderella worked hard in the kitchen to prepare a surprise romantic dinner for her Prince Charming. Cooking, baking and chopping damaged her nails and she needs her manicure redone. Make a magical hand moisturizing cream, mixing cocoa butter with shea butter, aloe vera juice, almond oil and olive oil. Apply the cocoa cream on Cinderella's beautiful hands. Do her manicure using nail salon clipper, file and brush. Cut, polish and shape up her nails, then decorate them with trendy nail polish. Choose between plain red, pink, purple, white, yellow and blue or go for a glittery, polka dots or pink hearts design. Accessorize Cinderella's gorgeous princess manicure with a fancy gold ring or a precious pearl bracelet. There are pretty gemstones you can use as well. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new nails game!