Christmas Mischief: Kisses at the North Pole
Love is in the freezing North Pole air for these cute Elves! Things are rather hectic at the North Pole and Santa, Mrs Claus and all the Elves are busy preparing for Christmas. After all, they want to give the world the best Christmas it has ever seen! However, mischief is just around the corner in this girls' game! Two of Santa's elves have fallen in love and they just cannot keep it in any longer! All they want to do is kiss each other. Can you guess what Santa and Mrs Claus think of this? In this Christmas kissing game, you must help these two cute Elves kiss without everybody looking at them. Look at this shy Elf boy – his cheeks become redder than Rudolph's nose! Who knows what Santa is going to do to when he sees these two kissing instead of organizing presents! Make sure these two love-birds kiss without being seen and you'll win this game in no time! Enjoy the holidays and take a look at even more festive games on!