Chibi Halloween Slacking

Girls, it's Halloween, the best holiday of the year! Playing pranks on Halloween is so much fun and the chibi princesses are definitely in the mood! The cute Disney princesses, Ariel and Elsa, are pranking lovely Rapunzel in the new game called Chibi Halloween Slacking! She got dressed in a witch costume and she is so excited to go trick and treat. But Ariel and Elsa have seven fun pranks for her: putting spiders in her beautiful long hair, switching candies with broccoli, changing her Halloween outfit with a cuter one and many more. In Chibi Halloween Slacking there is only one thing: if Rapunzel catches them, they will be in big trouble! Help cute Elsa and Ariel prank without being caught and I am sure they will have a lovely time this holiday. Have fun playing the game Chibi Halloween Slacking!