Broken Nails Crisis
This girly girl has a broken nails crisis and only a trip to the nail salon can solve her problem. She worked hard in the past couple of days cooking in the kitchen, washing dishes, ironing clothes and cleaning up her place. As a result, her manicure was damaged and it can only be fixed with a professional salon care treatment. Take care of the cute girl's broken nails and bring the smile on her face. Follow the manicure steps necessary for cleaning, cutting, polishing, strengthening and hydrating her nails. Continue the crisis makeover applying a trendy nail polish color or pattern. Red, pink, green, yellow, purple or blue are the colors in trend this season, but glittery prints and sparkling gemstones should also be used. Accessorize the new manicure with a fancy gold or silver ring and bracelet. Have a fantastic time playing this brand new nails game!