Belles New Makeup Trends

Play this fun game named Belle's New Makeup Trends and discover all the fun cosmetics this princess is trying out! Belle loves make-up and she is ready to discover the new trends of the season. Can you help her get a stunning look? Start by applying the base for any make-up. Define her eyebrows with a pair of tweezers, apply primer to get the entire make-up to stick and last longer on her face, cover up all her imperfections with the perfect foundation, use concealer to hide the bags under her eyes, fix it all with powder and then use a bronzer and an illuminator for the contouring part. Then move on to the fun challenge part of the game. Choose one of four trends. You can pick Blush Bomb, Bold Lips, Glow For It or Pop Of Color. Each trend will have a set of tips and tricks for you to follow.