Beach Rescue
Pamela works as a lifeguard on the hot Miami beach during the summer season. She has blonde hair and she wears a hot red bathing suit which makes lots of dudes turn their heads. Today a surfer boy got caught by a big wave and Pamela rescued him from drowning. There was a big crowd gathered around them in that moment and he could not thank her properly. Now there are only a couple of people on the beach and the surfer boy wants to give Pamela a long kiss as a token of his appreciation. Click on the couple to make them kiss and make sure they are not disturbed. There is an annoying crab crawling around and looking for mischief. Don't let the crab bite the boy's leg and make sure nobody watches when the couple is kissing. Is it getting hotter in here or what? A beautiful summer love story is about to blossom with your help. Enjoy playing this awesome new kissing game!