Barbie Visits Disneyland

Barbie is very lucky. She just won a trip to her favorite place. Do you know where she will go? Play the game called Barbie Visits Disneyland and join her for an exciting time at Disneyland where she can meet her favorite princesses and visita amazing castles. Sounds like fun, right girls? Join her now and help her choose a pretty outfit for this special occasion. Pick a pretty pink dress with lace, a nice Ariel bag with red handles, a cute pair of flower sunglasses and amazing new hairstyle with braids. Next, in Barbie Visits Disneyland game, you can help her pick one of the many cards to send to Ken and the best idea is to choose one with Mickey Mouse. Write a message to Ken and then mail it. Another great idea that Barbie had at the fun park is to choose a prety sutffed animal for her pretty boy. Choose a nice one and wrap it as a gift, which I am sure Ken will adore, because it was picked by the incredible doll. Enjoy this new game called Barbie Visits Disneyland and have fun!