Barbie Slacking
Barbie has a difficult exam next week and she is home studying for it. She is not in a good mood for a serious study session and she would rather slack it, if it weren't for her mom who keeps checking on her reading progress. All this pile of books makes Barbie loose her interested in comparison with a make up or nail polishing session. Barbie is taking a well deserved study slacking break whenever her mom is not watching her. She turns on the TV with her remote control, watching her favorite fashion shows. She talks on the smart phone with her friends. She does her make up using mascara, foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. She does her manicure and polishes her nails. She also likes painting horses and coloring all sorts of flowers. These are fun and entertaining activities that always distract her attention when it comes to studying. Have fun playing this awesome Barbie Slacking management game!