Barbie Skin Treatment

Hey girls! The very cute doll Barbie has a beauty crisis. Her skin has freckles and pimples and she wants to remove them to look super cute again. She has decided to head to the salon for a beauty treatment and she could really use your skills. Begin the incredibly new game called Barbie Skin Treatment and use all your skills to create a flawless skin. Start by applying different products to clean the face. You can use a mask and a scrub which will clean the skin and the pores. In Barbie Skin Treatment you can now apply the great mask to remove some of the pimples from the nose area and the cheeks. Rinse the mask and then add a moisturizing lotion to make the skin clean and fresh. The doll looks much better now and I am sure she will feel confident and beautiful. Have a great time playing Barbie Skin Treatment!