Barbie Nail Design
Hey, girls! Barbie has fabulous nail design ideas to show you, so let the fun time begin! Check out her manicure tips for perfectly looking nails. She needs a gorgeous Valentine's Day manicure and she wants you to do it for her. Soak Barbie's hands in a bowl with water, cut her nails using salon clippers and give them a trendy chic shape. Polish them with a file and apply a straightening lotion. Cut the cuticles as well. When the manicure part is done and you are satisfied with the result, continue the nails makeover applying a fancy nail design. Barbie loves red color and it makes a great choice for Valentine's Day. Decorate her nails with a simple nail polish color or go for sophisticated patterns. Create a strawberry or watermelon design or go for a classic and elegant French manicure. There are lots of other nails designs you can use, so have a fantastic time playing our brand new nails game! Have fun!