Barbie Kissing on Beach

Barbie does not lack admirers no matter where she goes. She enjoys a fabulous week on a tropical beach with her boyfriend Ken. They cannot have enough of each other kissing and hugging on the beach, although there are families with kids nearby. The lifeguard on duty has a crush on Barbie and he is jealous every time he sees the cute blondie and Ken kiss. His plan is to separate the couple by catching them kissing as this is forbidden on the beach when children are around. Will the lifeguard succeed in his evil plan or will Barbie and Ken be together happily ever after? Make them kiss as long as possible without being caught. If they are spotted, you have to start the kissing sequence from the beginning. The seaside is a romantic place preferred by couples in love. It is also a great location to fall in love again and start a new romance. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new kissing game, ladies!