Barbie Healing Kiss

Oh no! Barbie is sick in the hospital. But have no fear because Ken is there with her to be by her side. He has been coming daily to her, hoping that she will get better, but each time he tries to kiss her, that annoying nurse catches them and so Barbie remains sick. But today he will benefit from your help because you will give them a helping hand in kissing without getting caught by the nurse who is always spying on them. If they will kiss long enough, Barbie will surely feel better and be able to get out of the hospital in a much shorter time. Each time they will kiss, Barbie's temperature will drop, and she will be less sick. Enjoy playing this fantastic escape game called 'Barbie Healing Kiss' in which you will help Barbie's boyfriend, Ken, kiss her without getting caught by the annoying nurse who is always around!