Barbie Fashion Blogger

The best fashionista, Barbie doll, is trying something new. her style is amazing and she wants to share it with the world. She has decided to be a trendy blogger and show the world her fashion ideas for fall. I am sure you will follow her on social media to see her posts and comment on her picture in the game called Barbie Fashion Blogger! She will need to start posting articles with pictures and the first post should be about fall fashion. Help her create a nice collage of items with blouse, skirt, shoes, glasses, accessories and post it. Pick cute items with brown and red colors for a nice fall look. In Barbie Fashion Blogger you can continue helping the doll to post a nice picture about her favorite food of the month and choose delicious items and tasty drinks. Show the other girls how to mix and match items to create nice fall looks with only 7 items and enjoy Barbie Fashion Blogger!