Barbie Dreamhouse Designer
We all dream of living in a lovely house with our family. Barbie is ready to make her dream come true. She found the perfect venue to build her dream house. Her amazing architect skills will turn her into a fab house building designer. Any business has a starting point. For Barbie it is designing and building her dreamhouse. There is lots of work to be done and a helping hand is always welcome. The cute designer must clean up the field where the house will be built. Cut the trees and grass. Gather the plastic and metal trash. Remove stones and big rocks. Build the house according to the designer sketch placing brick on top of brick, adding cement and mortar. Barbie is super thrilled with her new dreamhouse design. Painting and decorating are the last stages. Select the color and shape of the walls, windows, door, porch and roof tiles. Decorate the yard with trees and flowers. Pink is a must have for Barbie's new home both on the outside and inside. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new management game!