Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup

Barbie organized a fabulous fashion party at her house. It was the event of the month and all her friends came to have fun. They enjoyed a great time dancing and drinking cocktails. The party is now over and the guests left behind a terrible mess. In Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup she needs your help cleaning up the place and make it sparkly clean once again! Help Barbie clean up her house and she will invite you to her next fashion party. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, broom and mop the hardwood floor, gather the garbage and align the furniture objects. In Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup the food and drink leftovers must be thrown in the litter bin as well. Rearrange all the paintings on the walls and make sure the walls are clean. Place the curtains in the correct spot around the windows. The place looks great once again with your help. Enjoy Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup!