Barbie Brunch With The Girls

Barbie loves to get ready for fun times! She is going to a great brunch with her dear friends and she can't wait to have fun. Can you help her get ready and look stunning for the event? I am sure the blonde beauty will appreciate the help and will love the final result. In Barbie Brunch With The Girls you can start with the facial session and makeup and then choose a cute dress and fun accessories for her outfit of the day. Make sure you clean her face with lotion and remove the ugly pimples, which she hates just like any other girl would. In Barbie Brunch With The Girls you can reshape her eyebrows, apply a mask and then moisturizer for a flawless complexion. When the facial is done, her face should be glowing with health. In Barbie Brunch With The Girls you can continue with the fun makeup and choose cute shades such as pink for the lids and black mascara on the lashes. Add a blush on the cheeks and a great color for the lips. It's now time to finish the look with the outfit. Check her wardrobe for fun items such as dresses, skirts and fun jewels. Pick the best items for a super cute casual look fit for a wonderful doll. Have a great time playing the game called Barbie Brunch With The Girls