Barbecue Chicken
The secret of a well done barbecue chicken is in the ingredients used for seasoning it. Everybody has a different seasoning recipe, but none compares to mine. Try it and convince yourselves! I will reveal to you my amazing barbecue chicken recipe. It will be our delicious culinary secret. Mix salt, brown sugar, garlic, pepper, thyme, red wine vinegar and water. Place the chicken meat in the resulting mixture and let it marinate there for a few hours. In the meantime I will show you how to make my special barbecue sauce. Follow my cooking instructions and mix the ingredients I point out to. Decorate the meat with the sauce when you fry it on the barbeque. The smell and taste will make your mouth water. I bet you cannot wait to have a bite! Serve this yummy dish with lettuce, onion rings, parsley, ketchup, olives and other veggies you like. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new cooking game!