Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

Baby Hazel suffered an accident while playing in the house with her toys and she must be rushed to the hospital. She might have a hand fracture so an x ray exam is mandatory. Be with the little girl in this hard moment accompanying her to the hospital. Have the doctor examine her hand. The fracture is minor and it will heal in a few weeks. It does not need surgery but it must be bandaged well. Since she has a hand immobilized for the next couple of weeks, baby Hazel cannot do much by herself and she needs you to help her out with her daily activities. Dress up the baby girl, bathe and feed her. She mustn't use the injured hand at all for best healing results. Be with Hazel when it is bathing time washing her hair and body. Assist her during breakfast, lunch and dinner with food eating. See what other needs the cute girl cannot do by herself and fulfill them all. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby games!