Baby Hazel Hair Care

Welcome to baby Hazel hair care, girls! Baby Hazel needs her hair cut and trimmed, as Baby Hazel's hair has grown rather long lately. Baby Hazel's hair also need a hair treatment against excessive dandruff. Play Baby Hazel Hair Care hairstyle game and give Baby Hazel a pretty baby haircut and hair care. Comb baby Hazel's hair straight downwards and cut out the excess hair using scissors. Baby Hazel is quite scared when she sees scissors, so try to distract baby Hazel's attention with some toys. Use your hair cutting skills to cut baby Hazel's hair and give baby Hazel a pretty new hairstyle. After cutting baby Hazel's hair, give baby Hazel a dandruff hair care treatment. Massage baby Hazel's scalp using baby oil to loosen dandruff. Comb the hair straigh down to remove the dandruff. Next, baby Hazel needs a bath to wash her hair. Wash the baby's hair gently with baby shampoo and use mild soap. Dry baby Hazel with a soft towel and make the baby's bathing time fun by putting various toys in the bath tub. Have fun playing Baby Hazel Hair Care hairstyle game!