Baby Hazel Farm Tour

Baby Hazel is curious by nature and she wants to learn lots of things to enlarge her general knowledge of the world. She loves animals, especially her cute dog pet. Her uncle happens to have a farm in the countryside where he raises domestic animals, likes cows, chicken, pigs, sheep and horses. Now that Hazel is big enough, her parents have decided to take her to her uncle's farm. The baby girl is really excited about her first visit to the countryside and she cannot wait to get a tour of the farm. Join her on this amazing outdoor adventure and have fun with baby Hazel feeding the animals and collecting dairy products straight from the source. Help her gather eggs, milk, corn, fruits, vegetables and wool. This experience is very useful for Hazel and she seems to enjoy it greatly. The tour has taught her how to take care of animals and how to work the land. She will make a great farmer one day. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game!