Apple White Pinterest Diva

Apple White loves fashion and social media! She wants to share all her amazing fashion ideas, outfits and accessories with her fans and get appreciation for her talent and awesome fashion style. In the game called Apple White Pinterest Diva she wants to share the way she creates her incredibly stylish looks and her favorite fashion pieces. Join her now and learn all her tips and tricks in this great new game! The first step of any great looks is the make up. In Apple White Pinterest Diva there are many products that the pretty girl from Ever After High can use, such as a cute peach color of blush, a lovely blue mascara, pink eye shadow on the lids and a gorgeous shade of red lipstick. Her look will be flawless and timeless with these great shades. In Apple White Pinterest Diva the second and most amazing step is the dress up. Choose a nice dress with lace and match it with a long coat in a stylish grey color. Add a few silver accessories and enjoy Apple White Pinterest Diva!