Anna Wedding Kiss

It is official, girls! Frozen Anna and her boyfriend Kristoff are getting married. You are invited to attend their royal wedding which will take place in a few days. Anna's sister Elsa is helping the couple with the necessary preparations. Anna and Kristoff are so much in love that the only thing in their mind is to hug and kiss. They cannot be bothered with details such as decorations, menu, cake or music. All they want is to spend as much time together as possible and practise the wedding kiss. Elsa would get really upset if she knew that, so she must not catch them while the newly wedds kiss behind her back. She has taken the wedding planner role quite seriously. She wants to surprise the bride and groom with a fabulous magic fireworks show and a stunning Frozen cake. How long will the bride and groom have it their way before princess Elsa catches them in the act? It is entirely up to you, so have a marvelous time playing our newest kissing game!