50 Wedding Gowns for Barbie

Barbie is having her wedding dress fitting today. Her hunt for the perfect bridal dress ended with 50 wedding gowns that the cute doll likes and wants to try on. At the end of this dress up session, Barbie will pick the perfect dress for her fashion fab wedding. The thought of wearing more gowns crosses her mind as well. The beautiful bride to be can wear one dress at the ceremony and another one during the reception party. Dress up Barbie in 50 gorgeous wedding gowns and choose the prettiest ones for her to wear. White is the classic color a bride wears, but Barbie is a true fashionista and she fancies other colors such as pastel pink, blue, cream, grey or yellow. You are the one to make the final decision after dressing up Barbie in the 50 wedding gowns that come in 50 shades of colors. How about that hot red bridal design or maybe a pink princess bride model? Have a fantastic time playing our brand new wedding dress up game!