Elsa’s Zombie Baby


Elsa Frozen has a baby girl. She loves her cute baby a lot, but Elsa has many enemies and they don’t always have her best interest in mind. The evil witch has cursed the cute baby and transformed it in to a zombie. Elsa is very sad and she needs to find a solution. In the very fun game called Elsa’s Zombie Baby, she will need to first take care of her cute girl and then give a special potion to drink to reverse the spell. Use the tweezers to remove the nasty zombie limbs from the baby’s hair and then use tissue to clean her eyes and face. Disinfect the wounds and apply band aids over them to speed the healing process. In Elsa’s Zombie Baby you can also sew the damaged clothes with needle and thread and then choose a potion. Have a great time applying the fun game called Elsa’s Zombie Baby!